Terms and Conditions 

Payment Terms

Agreed Pre Project


We will supply all equipment, access equipment, engineers and necessary brackets and cables as detailed in the Project Initiation Document. 

Client sign off: On project completion we will ensure the customer is happy with the installation. At this point they will be requested to sign off the installation as complete. 

We have not allowed for: Any extra equipment, cables, brackets, engineers or access equipment not detailed in the original quote/specification.

Exclusions: AV Voodoo does not provide 240v power outlets or data points. If either 240v power of data connections are required. It is assumed these will be provided in a timely fashion as per the specification. Any delays caused by the untimely provision of these services may be chargeable.

It is assumed that any equipment supplied by the customer which is required to complete the installation will be available prior to its planned installation date. Any delays caused by untimely supply of this equipment may be chargeable. 

Terms and Conditions

Any installation price can only be agreed after a site survey has been conducted and a Project Initiation Document has been generated and agreed by the customer. Quotations are valid on the date of issue and only include the items mentioned within it. Any extra resources required which are not mentioned in said quotation will be subject to additional costs.

All documentation produced by Alec Lane AV for the purpose of quotation or execution of a said project is, and remains, the copyright of our company. Therefore cannot be used, shown or passed in part, or in whole, to any other company without our express permission. 

Once any equipment or other goods supplied by Alec Lane AV has been delivered to the customer responsibility for safe storage of the equipment will lie with the customer until the installation commences. Once the equipment has been installed and tested full responsibility for said equipment will lie with the customer. Any damage or harm of any kind which comes to the equipment or other goods provided by Alec Lane AV not during the time of installation will lie with the customer.

Ownership of any supplied equipment and materials is only transferred to the customer once the invoice has been paid in full. Alec Lane AV reserves the right to remove without notice any supplied equipment or materials if full payment of a said invoice is not made after sign off the project.

At least 5 working days notice of cancellation must be given; otherwise a cancellation charge of 3 days labour per scheduled engineer will be charged. Cancellation must be requested in writing to info@avvoodoo.com.

Terms and Conditions (continued)

For projects where AV Voodoo is supplying equipment and labour, a charge of 25% of the full project cost will be chargeable if 5 days notice of cancellation is not provided.

AV Voodoo will endeavour to keep all additional costs to a minimum. However additional cost may occur if:

  • Services required for the installation such as power and data are not provided to the agreed schedule.
  • Equipment required for the installation not provided by AV Voodoo is not available as per the agreed schedule
  • Delays caused to the schedule which are caused by any parties involved in the project not under the control of AV Voodoo.
  • Any return visits to the project which occurs due to circumstances outside of the control of AV Voodoo.
  • Any changes to the agreed specification outlined in the Project Initiation Document. 

Extra work and Specification changes: Any additional work not outlined in the specification or any changes to the specification requested by the customer during the project may be subject to additional charges. Where additional charges are necessary a purchase order for these charges will need to be in place before any extra work or changes can be undertaken.

12 Month Guarantee

After the installation has been signed off and handed over a 12 month guarantee will be in place subject to the conditions listed in this section. The guarantee will cover equipment, materials and workmanship supplied by AV Voodoo during the installation. These repairs will be free of charge providing none of the terms listed in this section are breached. 

AV Voodoo will repair or replace any defective equipment, materials and workmanship providing:

  • AV Voodoo is given the opportunity to asses the defect and determine the nature and origin of the defect.
  • AV Voodoo is notified in writing of any defect with 30 days of said defect becoming apparent to the customer.
  • AV Voodoo is given the opportunity to rectify any defect 
  • The installation has not be modified or altered in any way by any persons other than those under the direct control of AV Voodoo

AV Voodoo will not be responsible for any defects which occur due to damage, improper use, neglect or any other damage outside of the control of AV Voodoo. 

Hazardous Conditions  

All quotations, specifications and schedules are given on the assumption that the working conditions are safe and no hazardous or toxic materials are present. If it is determined that the working conditions are hazardous to health AV Voodoo reserves the right to amend any quotations to allow for any delays caused by hazardous conditions. Under no circumstances will Alec Lane AV organise or carry out the removal of hazardous materials. 


The term “customer” in this document refers to the client for whom we are installing.